Monday, March 15, 2010

Why Guys Love 50/50

In 2006, a survey of 360 married men found that men who did more chores at home fared much better in the bedroom. “The more satisfied a wife is with the division of household duties, the more satisfied a man is with his marital sex life,” according to the survey. These married men reported that when wives were happier with their husband's household work, the frequency of sex was also higher. And, confounding many skeptics, the survey found that “the more hours a woman works at the job, the more sex she has at home.

Why would this be? Aren't dual- career couples more harried and tired? Maybe, but fatigue may be a smaller factor in who gets sex than how couples interact. If you look at the wealth of research, couples who share work and family life more evenly have three factors on their side. First, wives are less likely to see their husbands as slackers at home (less “you jerk” effect); instead, wives may find husbands more appealing because they snuggle their kids (more “Baby Bjorn” effect); third, employed wives are statistically more likely to be happy with themselves (more “self-confidence” effect). —read more here

DadLabs explore this phenomenon a great video- Choreplay: Does it work? Check it out below.

BY Sharon Meers


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Whilst I'm always wary of the 'correlation-causation' error, I'm constantly amazed that this correlation surprises people. I grew up in a family where chores were divided/rotated amongst the males/females without any categorisations - I'm a guy, and I learnt to cook by the time I was in high school. I cook and clean for myself and girlfriends I've lived with, and yes, you get more room for error/less arguments if you do housework. Just for that alone, guys, pick up the vacumm cleaner....and get a cookbook whilst you're at it. Do it this Saturday, and you'll notice the difference.

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