Monday, April 12, 2010

HOUSEWORK MATTERS even on "No Housework Day"

Whether you realize it or not, all that nagging housework can be eating into your job productivity and getting in the way of you getting ahead in your career - especially if you're a woman, says Londa Schiebinger, director of Stanford's Clayman Institute for Gender Research. Published on January 19, 2010 in Academe, Schiebinger's study, entitled "Housework is an Academic Issue", shows academic scientists spend about 19 hours a week on basic household chores. The solution? Schiebinger urges universities and businesses to offer an employee benefit to pay for housework. Read full article.

This past week on "No Housework Day" (April 7), Clayman Institute hosted an event entitled, Housework Matters: A Panel Discussion on Housework Benefits.
The event sparked many great action-items from a wide ranging audience including Stanford faculty, administrators, professional women, graduate students, professional cleaners and one husband.

Interesting points included: Professionalizing housecleaning, creating a housecleaning community and creating a new tax-protected benefit.

To bring housework out of the private sphere and into the public sphere, The Clayman Institute has created a housework FaceBook App. It's quick, helpful and a survey worth sharing because this housework conversion is one that will benefit many.

By Sharon Meers

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